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Hb Luxury Travel is here to help tailor made your holidays, and travel itineraries. What you need are travel professionals that can take the stress out of travel planning and help you create your dream holiday. Our Luxury Travel Advisors are passionate, knowledgeable and experienced; and can attend to your every travel need. Whether your journey is two days or two months and is by car, plane, private jet, yacht or train… our team does it all! We’ve traveled to over 40 countries, stayed in hundreds of the world’s best hotels and resorts, and enjoyed the kind of experiences found on bucket lists everywhere. We work with couples, families, small groups and solo travelers. But most importantly, we know how to plan and execute trips also during these unprecedented times. Reach out to us today to book your hotel or resort, or to start planning your next adventure. No trip is too big or too small for our team. We’ve planned “around-the-world” honeymoons that lasted for months – and we’ve booked one-night hotel stays! It’s a great big world out there, with endless ways to explore it, and the services our agency provides are just as numerous.

Planning a Luxury Trip

What goes into planning a trip?
If you’ve done it before, you know the answer is: more than you’d expect… much, much more! Planning the perfect trip can take countless hours, tons of research and in many cases, a little bit of luck. Even in the best of times, planning a perfect trip is daunting and can even be intimidating and of course, stressful. And during this worldwide pandemic we are living through, planning your luxury travels has never been harder. Quite honestly, during these unprecedented times, there has never been a more important time to work with a professional Travel Advisor! The Luxury Travel Agency has luxury advisors who have “been there” and “done that”. Our team travelled to more than 40 countries and countless cities, towns, villages, island and remote locations.
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What makes up a luxury trip?

We take this knowledge, along with partnerships and connections around the world and we plan your whole trip for you from beginning to end. We start with a brief telephone consultation to find out your budget and the region of the world you want to spend your special holiday. We have you complete our detailed client profiles and then after another telephone call or WhatsApp chat, we start our planning process. In the end, we plan EVERYTHING! We help you chose the perfect destination(s), flights and hotels/resorts. Plus, we can arrange all the other details that will make your holiday exciting, unique, special and memorable, such as:
  • VIP Meet and Greet
  • City Tours
  • Activities, tailored to you
  • Photo Shoots
  • Restaurant recommendations and reservations
  • Theater Performances, Shows, Concerts and more
  • Sporting Events
  • Cooking Classes
  • Private Shopping Experiences
  • VIP Amusement Park Tickets or Guides
  • Romantic Picnics and Dinners
  • Helicopter Tours and Transfers
  • Private Jets, Private Villas, and Private Islands




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